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Can Acyclovir Treat HIV?

Can Acyclovir Treat HIV?

The popular antiviral treatment for herpes, Acyclovir, has found new uses. US scientists have found that Acyclovir in HIV eliminates the multiplication of the virus and relieves symptoms.

HIV and herpes research

According to statistics, many people infected with HIV also have genital herpes. In the treatment of herpes of the second type with the drug Acyclovir, a positive trend was noted in reducing the symptoms of HIV. The picture observed by scientists has confirmed the assumption that there is not only a decrease in inflammatory processes, but also that taking Acyclovir inhibits the development of HIV.

Scientific experiments have confirmed that the drug itself does not have a therapeutic effect on HIV in tissues that are not affected by herpes. But if the herpes virus is present in them simultaneously with HIV, then the active substance of Acyclovir is transformed into an active form and has a therapeutic effect on HIV.

In order not to need to expose a person with the immunodeficiency virus to herpes infection, it was possible to activate the work of Acyclovir. This discovery has become one of the most important in the fight against AIDS and HIV infection, since more than 30 million people around the world have this diagnosis.

There are several ways you can get HIV:

  • contact of contaminated blood with damaged skin;
  • unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • blood transfusion, etc.

As a result of studying the spread of the virus, it was found that during intercourse with a carrier of herpes simplex type 2, the likelihood of contracting HIV is much higher than in other cases.

Can Acyclovir Treat HIV?

Treatment features

In people with HIV, herpes is more difficult and more difficult to treat. This is affected by a decrease in the body's protective functions and a drop in immunity. In this regard, patients are prescribed increased dosages of antiviral drugs. Drug resistance is also possible.

During therapy, with the ineffectiveness of the drugs used and the absence of positive dynamics, they are replaced with others. One of the popular approaches to treatment is the appointment of antiherpetic drugs, which patients should take in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the doctor.

At the beginning of herpes treatment, Acyclovir is usually used. The correct dosage does not impair the state of immunity, but acts selectively on the virus. The duration of therapy is on average one and a half to two weeks. The course is selected taking into account the condition of a particular patient, his individual characteristics and the severity of the lesion.

With HIV, the presence of genital herpes is often noted, which requires accurate diagnosis and timely examination. When the herpes virus of the second type (genital) is detected, treatment can be prescribed at the initial stage, before the manifestation of a pronounced picture of clinical symptoms. The patient is prescribed to drink Acyclovir for HIV.

The priority of treatment is to reduce symptoms by blocking the activity of viruses. Taking Acyclovir for HIV is indicated in a high dosage. In addition to this drug, patients are often prescribed Valacyclovir, which has an even higher bidavailability than Acyclovir.

The following approaches are used in complex therapy:

  • rectal and vaginal suppositories;
  • antiviral pills (Acyclovir or analogues);
  • topical ointments to relieve symptoms;
  • injections with Foxavir, Vistid.

To prevent recurrent manifestations of herpes activity, HIV patients must control their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. And undergo antiviral treatment prescribed by a doctor.

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